My name is Henry Barthelemy. I am pursuing my Masters of Science in Computer Science at Northeastern University. I'm in the plus one program and graduating with an MS degree in Spring 2025. I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics at Northeastern Univeristy in May 2024 in 3 years. I’m passionate about helping make a difference in the educational, technology, and computability, and love intersecting all my interests.

In Spring 2024 I took part in an independent research project exploring the private information retrieval (PIR) problem under the guidance of Professor Ariel Hamlin. The work I did this semester exposed me to the cryptography research space and I look forward to continuning my studies. I love the interdisciplinary space between mathematics and computer science and am looking forward to diving more into that in a research capacity.

I started coding in Java by creating minecraft mods and plugins for servers from 2015-2018. I continued coding and it became an integral part of my life. I founded a computer science club at my high school and began teaching at a STEM camp in the summer of 2019. Additionally, that summer I made two games: "Life is Currency" and "Tag!". Life is Currency was created using the Pygame python library, I had learned I was going to be teaching python and wanted to brush up on my skills. Tag! is a 2D game I created for my advanced Java class to code which uses the Java Swing and AWT libraries.

This website will serve as a centralized hub for projects I’m working on! I'll try to update it whenever I'm on a break. Feel free to check out my projects page to see the cool stuff I'm doing and don't hestitate to reach out!